This $25 million expansion project involved the construction of an additional three-level terminal, suitable for both domestic and international flights, with six new gates and four new boarding bridges.

We were engaged by Lendlease to complete the electrical and communications packages throughout the facility, involving the installation of various transformers, metering panels, distribution boards, secure networks and connections to building services.

Although it was a large project, we only placed two managers on-site who were both fully appraised of all project requirements. Our workforce for this project ranged up to 25 team members but the streamlined management team delivered efficient programming and reduced costs.

We encountered COVID-19 delays, border closures and supply shortages throughout this project, requiring careful planning and procurement. We were able to mitigate delays by ordering most supplies, including transformers and MSBs, six months before construction commenced.

The unique security requirements involved in working at an international airport there were known to LCE, and we were even able to offer an innovative, secure cabling containment design for the Department of Home Affairs and the Department of Agriculture and Water, saving them time and money.

Sustainable design is central to our approach and for this project we installed and commissioned a DALI-2 lighting control system, with ZenControl cloud-based energy management system.

Together, these systems provide the most efficient lighting possible, using various sensors to harvest daylight and illuminate the facility accordingly, while also providing live feedback to the end user.

LCE has been completing projects such as the airport terminal expansion to a high standard for more than 40 years and is known for being Queensland’s premier electrical and communications contractor.

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